Swahili Village Set to Open a New Location

Swahili Village is ambitiously moving forward with its plan to open a new location in Beltsville, MD in the Sunrise Plaza located at Plaza 10800 Rhode Island Avenue in the next couple of months. With the development of a new menu, Swahili Village is positioning its brand to be the most sought after for African cuisine and entertainment in the US. It first location conveniently located at 10606 Baltimore Avenue in Beltsville, MD10606 has been serving authentic East, Central and Southern African cuisine in the DMV area for the past five year.


With the opening of the new location, Swahili Village will continue to serve a diverse group of clientele representing the many cultures found throughout the DMV Area. Its clientele chooses Swahili because of the blended taste from two Continents, Africa and Asia, that has heavily influenced East African food. Over the years, Swahili Village has become one of the first choices for ethnic dining in the DMV.


Swahili Village continues to expose its brand through participation in numerous high profile events. In July of 2014, Swahili Village’s cuisine was featured at the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival reaching the 1.5 million cultural enthusiasts, who attended the festival to learn more about the two featured countries of Kenya and China. In February, Swahili Village provided its cuisine for the USA Sevens 2015 Rugby Tournament in Las Vegas, a world-renowned Rugby tournament featuring the best rugby players in world. Swahili Village independently launched a series of events in celebration of President Barack Obama’s first visit to Kenya as the President of the United States of America and build awareness about the homeland of its cuisine.


Swahili Village remains the go-to for East African cuisine by Government officials, diplomats and embassy personnel from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana and Democratic Republic of Congo — to name a few. Endorsements and visitations by renowned African music artists and movies stars is the norm for Swahili Village.


A love for Kenyan cuisine and the cultural experience is the motivation that guided the Founder and President, Kevin Onyona, to start the first location six years ago and continues to be the driving force for the new location. The new location is guaranteed to couple ambience with excellent food and service and will continue to garners accolades for the Swahili Village brand such as BEST ethnic cuisine restaurant in Beltsville, Maryland and the Washington DC area; a 4 star rating in the most respected food blogs; and excellent reviews from food critics including the Washington Post and Eden Eats .


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