Winternational Festival DC

Washington, DC’s most versatile and dynamic building was the setting for this year’s event which brought together all Diplomatic missions in the US based in the Washington DC area. Ronald Reagan Building had over 1,000 guests attending this lively midday celebration of international culture, travel, tourism and trade. This festival has the atmosphere of an international bazaar with each country showcasing their culture and traditions via visual arts displays, foods, handcrafts, as well as travel and tourism information. Guests have the opportunity to travel the world and do some holiday shopping—all during the lunch hour! Swahili Village cuisine was the main attraction on the food side of things edible. African Union made this possible by engaging Swahili Village to provide services to this occasion.

A massive crowd of 500 strong had a True Taste of Kenya. Appreciation and gratitude for the African Union providing the opportunity to serve at the African Union stand. Key players include Executive Sous Chef of Ronald Regan Building Craig McMullen endorse the well balance herbs and spices blended to create the amazing Swahili Village favor. Miriam Menda of the African Union the coordinator gave a thumbs up… Kenya Embassy was well represented by Joy who was an true visual of beauty,style and grace.


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