How healthy is Kenyan food

We love to provide Kenyan cuisine here at Swahili Village, but we recently got curious about how healthy it was.  After searching (not easy when the names are mostly in Swahili and not English) for a while for equivalent items, we came up with some numbers.  Disclaimer: we are not sure these are scientific numbers and we are not responsible for their accuracy.  We are just sharing the information.  All calories are approximate.

Tilapia, sukuma wiki and cabbage
Tilapia, sukuma wiki and cabbage

From Fatsecret and Calorie Count Search:

  • Ugali (50g) – 180 calories
  • Nyama Choma (1 cup) – 386 calories
  • Sukuma Wiki, fresh (1 Cup) – 56 calories (recipe)
  • Fried Goat (100g) – 153 calories
  • Mbuzi Choma (100g) – 144 calories
  • Tilapia, cooked (100g) – 128 calories (recipe)
  • Ndengu, cooked (1 cup) – 348 calories (we talked about the health benefits of ndengu in a previous article).
  • Samosa (1 piece) – 190 calories
  • Kachumbari ( (2 Tbsp) – 10 calories (detailed health benefits of kachumbari in a previous article).
  • Mango Lassi (8 fl. oz) – 140 calories
  • Fried Plantain (1 cup) – 180 calories (recipe)
  • Chapati (1 piece) – 68 calories (recipe)
  • Bhajias (1 piece) – 14 calories (recipe)

Looks like Kenyan food is pretty healthy overall.  A great excuse to come in and get your favorite dish.  Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and Twitter. We highlight lots of great deals on our website and Foursquare, so don’t forget to check-in each time you visit us, to unlock additional specials.


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  1. The Global Recipe Project at is seeking authentic Kenyan recipes. I hope you will consider participating! 🙂

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