Kenyan breakfast

Kenyan breakfasts are pretty elaborate affairs if you can afford it.  Usually the standard meal would be eggs, bacon/sausage, beans, the ever-present tomato, and a good hearty cup of chai.  This particular breakfast is a typical English breakfast and harkens to our colonial days.

English Breakfast (PHOTO: Iban-Flickr)
English Breakfast (PHOTO: Iban-Flickr)

Some folks love their Ugali (cornmeal-type food) and eat it with eggs and chai (occasionally they add vegetables).  Most times the eggs are scrambled with……yes, you guessed it, the ever-present tomato.

For those whose wallets might not be so accommodating, there is the chapati and tea, or slice/half-loaf of bread with chai (or without milk….also known as chai sturungi).  Others might have chai with mandazis/mahamri.

We thought we would share the Ugali recipe with you so that you can get it just right if you want to re-create a more non-traditional breakfast.   Ugali goes by different names in other countries, including Sadza, Nshima, Bushuma and Pap.

Ugali, Eggs and Veggies (Photo: Kenyan Foodie)
Ugali, Eggs and Veggies (Photo: Kenyan Foodie)

Below are the ingredients you will need to have:

Serves 4 or 6


2 cups white maize flour (cornmeal in some places)

4 cups of water


Set the water into a heavy saucepan/sufuria and let it boil. Once it has boiled, add the flour/cornmeal slowly into the water and stir gently.

Reduce the heat and continue to stir in the same direction as you mush any lumps that may be forming as you stir. Stir until it begins to detach from the edges of the sufuria then with a wooden cooking stick, mould or shape the ugali until ready.

Remove from the fire and overturn it onto a plate or saucepan lid.

Shape to make pretty, then serve.

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