Swahili Village makes the news again

Kenyan food is becoming very popular and we at Swahili Village are very proud to have a hand in spreading the word about how exceptionally tasty and versatile Kenyan food is.  The Washington Post wrote an article about the “Thrilling Cheap Eats” at Swahili Village.

Platter (Photo: Michael S. Williamson/Washington Post)
Platter (Photo: Michael S. Williamson/Washington Post)

The reporter, Tim Carman, loved the history behind the foods and marveled at the similarities and differences in East African cuisine.  His immediately became enamored with the Goat Wet Fry (a favorite at Swahili Village) and was quick to note that he had never “….had the kind of deep steakhouse char found on Onyona’s goat.”  He also compared the menu to a “…kind of treasure hunt for international flavors…”

For those of you who are not content to take his word for it, visit us and discover what your favorite Kenyan dish might be.  Warning: it may take ordering everything from the menu, and we promise not to make it easy.

If you want to see our other media coverage, you can view the information about us on the Cooking Channel, KTN television’s visit, or see the Citizen TV coverage  of  the U.S. Elections.

Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook and Twitter. We highlight lots of great deals on our website and Foursquare, so don’t forget to check-in each time you visit us, to unlock additional specials.


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