Mukimo – healthy, tasty, robust

Mukimo (Moh-Kee-Moh) is a popular dish at Swahili Village.  It is a a balanced one-pot dish from central Kenya and derives its name from the word `kima’ i.e. mash (it often looks like green mashed potatoes.). Each of the ingredients enhances the others, making this a dish that is bursting with flavor. This traditional Kikuyu dish is served at all major ceremonies especially weddings, funerals and fundraisers. A celebration is incomplete without this delicacy.

Mukimo with cabbage
Mukimo with cabbage

Made with potatoes, corn, peas and onions, it can be considered a one-dish meal that has most of your daily nutritional requirements.


10-12 potatoes (2 to 3 potatoes per person,depending on the size), peeled and cut up
2 lb. dried corn and dried beans or peas (any type, such as kidney)
1 bag of baby spinach (or any type of greens)
Salt to taste
1 large red or white onion, chopped
2-3 tsp. vegetable oil
3 c. water


1. Sauté the onion in oil until it is golden brown.
2. Add potatoes to the onion and let them cook for three to five minutes, to brown.
3. Then add water and some salt, bring to a boil, and let the potatoes soften.
4. When they have softened but are not too soft yet, add the corn and bean mixture (called githeri) and the spinach, then cover and let
5. When the spinach is well-cooked and the potatoes are soft, remove pot from heat.
6. Drain the water and save it.
7. With a potato masher, mash the mixture together, gradually adding the reserved water to moisten. Mixture should be firm like stiff mashed potatoes, not runny and not hard.
8. Check seasoning and add more salt if needed.
9. This can be served alone or with some chicken or beef stew.

Serves four.

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  1. hkonyango says:

    I love Mukimo – great to know the recipe 🙂

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