Citizen TV to cover American elections live from Swahili Village

We are very honored to have Citizen TV, Kenya cover the results of the elections live from Swahili Village.

Citizen TV

They will be interviewing Kenyans to get their thoughts and feedback on the electoral process both here and in Kenya.

Not ones to allow people to operate on an empty stomach, we thought we would throw in some free orders of samosas and sausages for those who order a bucket of beer, or a bottle of wine.

Show the folks at home that you too can enjoy a hearty Kenyan meal as you watch the election results, by ordering the nyama choma, sukuma wiki, ugali, samaki, or ndengu with chapatis and a mango lassi or two. Gentle banter in Swahili doesn’t hurt, or, if you are hardcore, use all the Sheng you know.

On a serious note, let’s all turn out to share our hopes and aspirations as we move forward into the next four years.  May they be fruitful and blessed for all.

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