KTN comes to Swahili Village

Hmmmm, we might just get a little big headed if we keep getting all this attention.  Thanks to our wonderful patrons who help keep us going, we are now going to be featured on Kenya Television Network’s primetime news slot as a success story.

Inside Swaville

Apparently they got wind that the Food Network came to film us last month, and wanted to find out what we are all about.   They are also interested in seeing what it is that the Diaspora Kenyans think….so, villagers, this is an opportunity to give a quick (can we stress’ quick’ enough?) shout out to your businesses, life in the Diaspora, your thoughts on the economy, etc.

Join us on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 and Saturday June 9, 2012 to get your chance to share with the Kenyan News station.  Be a mini-celebrity (again).  Show them why Swahili Village is so great!!

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